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Grants, Prizes, and Honors

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  • An internal fund to host a Brazil Visiting Fellow at the Birmingham Centre for Philosophy of Religion, £3,850, 2023.

  • CAL Research Seed-Fund, University of Birmingham, £2,000, 2022.

  • Grant to support a postdoctoral research fellow from Ukraine, the Ukraine Emergency Fund, University of Birmingham, £5,552, 2022. 

  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions grant to host a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, the European Council, €220,908, 2022–2024.

  • ‘New Ways of Doing Philosophy of Religion: Interdisciplinary and Global Perspectives’ (with David Cheetham), Research England’s Quality-Related Research Strategic Priorities Funding, University of Birmingham, £15,771, 2022.

  • ‘The Global Philosophy of Religion Project’, the John Templeton Foundation and the University of Birmingham’s Dynamic Investment Fund (DIF)), $2.9 million ($2.42 million from JTF), 2020–2023.

  • Birmingham International Engagement Fund, ‘Philosophy and Meaning in Life Conference’, £3700, 2020.

  • Principal investigator, ‘The Pantheism and Panentheism Project’ (with Andrei Buckareff), the John Templeton Foundation, $213,916, 2017–2019.

  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions grant to host a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, the European Council, €195,445, 2016–2018.

  • William Paton Fund to establish a visiting fellow scheme in philosophy of religion at the University of Birmingham (with David Cheetham), the William Paton Trust, £100,000, 2012–2015.

  • Principal investigator, ‘Death, Immortality and the Afterlife’, the Analytic Theology Project, the University of Innsbruck (with David Cheetham), €12,000, 2012–2014.

  • Principal investigator, ‘Exploring Alternative Concepts of God’ (with Andrei Buckareff), the John Templeton Foundation, $54,950, 2011–2013.

  • Principal investigator, ‘Toward a Nonphysicalist Monist Solution to the Mystery of Consciousness’ (with Max Velmans), the John Templeton Foundation, £22,250, 2009–2011.

  • Principal investigator, ‘Perfect-Being Theology and the Cognitive Science of Religion’, the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, the University of Oxford, £12,110, 2008–2009.

Nagasawa delivering a lecture

PRIZES and honors

  • Isaac Manasseh Meyer Visiting Fellowship, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2023.

  • Visiting Fellow, Waseda Institute of Life and Death Studies, Waseda University, Japan, 2019–current.

  • President, British Society for the Philosophy of Religion, 2017–2019.

  • Excellence in Philosophy of Religion Prize, University of St. Thomas, 2011.

  • The John Templeton Award for Theological Promise, 2008.

  • The Philosophical Quarterly Essay Prize, 2007.

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